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Proxmox VE Installation

I’m using Proxmox VE to host all most important home automation servers. This is a log of how I installed it.

  1. Download ISO, write to USB flash drive, boot from it, let installation run through. Enter static IP. Reboot and remove flash drive.
  2. Using the web-ui at server:8006, disable the pve-enterprise repository (under Updates->Repositories) and add a pve-no-subscription one. (This is a tiny home server, not a real production system.) Refresh updates, upgrade all packages, reboot.
  3. Verify SMART is enabled (smartctl -a /dev/sda), smartd is running, and it emails root when it finds something (/etc/smartd.conf has enabled -m root flag).
  4. Setup email: dpkg-reconfigure postfix, “satellite system”, system mail name “localdomain”, relayhost “[192.168.x.x]”, give full internal root email address, leave other settings as default. Send a test email to root: mail root
  5. Add Backup disk (under Datacenter -> Storage), e.g. for NFS on Synology see the following config. Enable daily backups to this disk for all VMs, using ZSTD compression.
nfs: proxmox-backup
	export /volume1/proxmox-backup
	path /mnt/pve/proxmox-backup
	content backup
	options vers=4.1
	prune-backups keep-daily=7,keep-last=3,keep-monthly=6,keep-weekly=3,keep-yearly=3
  1. Donwload ISO(s), e.g., directly in “local” storage -> ISO Images. Download CT templates, too.

TBD: Backup server instead of NFS, Influxdb integration, setting up VMs

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